Use Our Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Is your HVAC system ready for winter weather? You can find out by scheduling an annual HVAC maintenance appointment and performing some small fall AC maintenance tasks yourself. Let’s go over fall maintenance steps and checklist items that prepare your HVAC equipment for winter.

How To Maintain Your HVAC System in the Fall

The following steps serve as a checklist to help you ensure your system runs smoothly throughout the fall and winter:

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you want to know whether your HVAC system is ready for winter, reach out to your HVAC maintenance provider. When they arrive at your facility, they perform a fall heating check-up to make sure your heating system works well enough to withstand fall and winter weather. This check-up includes a checklist of HVAC fall service tasks such as:

  • Inspecting heat exchangers
  • Replacing heating equipments’ filters
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Inspection burner assembly and ignition
  • Checking belts’ and pulleys’ condition
  • Replacing worn belts and pulleys
  • Lubricating moving parts, including motors and bearings

A professional HVAC technician should perform these tasks because they require accuracy, precision, and technical know-how to complete effectively. However, there are a few tasks you can complete yourself.

Change Air Filters

It’s best to change your air filters once per season. Air filters trap dust, dirt, and bacteria so they don’t enter your facility’s air. But if you don’t change the air filters periodically, they end up filtering those contaminants into your air, creating poor indoor air quality in your facility. Changing your air filter is a simple way to ensure your heater and air conditioner produce clean air throughout the year. It’s important to perform this task in the fall because your building’s occupants stay inside more often in fall and winter than they do in warmer months.

Clear Debris Away From Your HVAC Units

If you have debris around your indoor and outdoor HVAC units, your system could end up working harder than it needs to heat and cool your facility. Have your facility’s maintenance team clear the spaces around your units and clean it periodically to prevent debris from building up and block the system. You need to keep your heating system clear during the fall and winter so it can heat your facility as easily as possible.

Check on How Your Air Conditioner Shuts Down

Before you shut off your air conditioning for the first time in the fall, test it by shutting it off and turning it back on. This test shows you how well your air conditioner turns off and on and whether it has any problems doing so. If your cooling system shows signs of problems during the test, reach out to your HVAC contractor for some AC maintenance and repairs. This test prevents major problems from appearing when you turn your air conditioner back on in the spring.

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Why Schedule Fall HVAC Maintenance?

It’s important to schedule a fall HVAC maintenance appointment because winter is an intense season. It’s freezing and produces lots of precipitation. Your HVAC system works hard in the winter to heat your facility, and if it has existing problems when the weather cools off, it could break down when you need it most. Scheduling fall HVAC maintenance is a form of preventative maintenance, which is maintenance that you schedule before major problems appear. Scheduling regular maintenance in the fall prevents system problems and breakdowns in the winter by identifying and resolving minor problems before they grow larger.

Why Partner With Service Unlimited?

At Service Unlimited, we believe that developing long-term relationships with our clients creates great HVAC performance for years to come. Our AC and furnace maintenance services keep your energy bills low and prevent breakdowns from occurring. We fix small problems as soon as we find them so your system runs smoothly in every season, no matter how cold or hot the weather gets.

If you’re ready to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance appointment, reach out to us today. We check your heating and cooling systems thoroughly to ensure they withstand winter weather and temperatures. We work to understand how your HVAC system operates within your specific facility, and we ensure that it operates properly throughout the year.