Commercial HVAC Repair FAQs:

  • Q: Is Service Unlimited, Inc. hiring?
    A: Please refer to the Employment Section to view open positions or submit an application.
  • Q: Does Service Unlimited, Inc. do residential work?
    A: We are a commercial, industrial and institutional mechanical firm. Our focus is on businesses, schools, medical facilities and churches throughout the Tri-State area.
  • Q: If I am interested in finding out about Service Agreements, who do I contact?
    A: Ryan O'Hara is our Technical Sales Associate and he is happy to provide information to you regarding our Service Agreements. Ryan is easily reached directly at (302) 356-1264 or by calling our main office at (302) 326-COOL.
  • Q: Can I place a service call if I am not under contract with your firm?
    A: Yes. We are happy to service non-contract customers. However, our business operates with contract customers receiving priority scheduling and preferred labor and material rates. Outside of normal business hours, emergency services are reserved for contract customers only. We encourage new customers to follow up a service visit with a free evaluation from our sales department on a PM agreement that will help prevent unnecessary breakdowns and expenses.
  • Q: Who do you use for your new equipment installations?
    A: Our Construction Division handles all of our installations for new equipment projects. All project details are completed in house from A to Z (i.e. design, duct fabrication, electrical wiring and the actual installation of the equipment.)
  • Q: How can I save money on energy bills?
    A: Making sure that your HVAC system(s) is operating at “peak” efficiency will definitely save you money on energy bills. We recommend an annual condenser coil cleaning along with your preventative maintenance, so that all of the “moving parts” in your system are free to move and operate as they should. This will help maximize the heat transfer which allows your unit to cool/heat more efficiently while using less energy.