Preventative Maintenance

Service Unlimited’s mission is to maintain our position as the number one provider of commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC services in the markets we serve.

Working as a team, our staff will earn this recognition by consistently providing a high level of professional service to our customers.

We are dedicated to being an organization focused on identifying our customer’s needs and then providing the most effective solutions that exceed their expectations.

Proactive maintenance plans serve many purposes including but not limited to:

  • Prolong your HVAC equipment life expectancy. ASHRAE recommends that most well maintained commercial HVAC equipment be replaced after 12 to 15 years in service.
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly repair service orders by identifying worn or aging components prior to failure
  • Reduce costly downtime and the associated lost productivity or lost sales. Buildings operating trouble-free allow employees to do their jobs. An overheated office will not allow your staff to complete their tasks as assigned. Likewise, a hot or cold restaurant may drive potential diners to your competition.
  • Help buildings function as they were intended and operate at peak efficiency, including minimizing energy consumption. The old adage of a "well-oiled machine" holds true. Maintained equipment will operate more effectively and efficiently. These are machines that require scheduled attention just like automobiles.
  • Sustain a safe and healthful environment by keeping building HVAC systems clean and in good condition. Indoor air quality and the proper operation of HVAC systems go hand in hand to provide a high-quality environment for employees and customers.

At Service Unlimited, all of our service technicians complete both maintenance and service tasks. Everyone participates in maintenance because of the value we place on being proactive. This allows for a very detailed and technically sound evaluation each and every visit.

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems that provide us with their location for prompt response to your service needs. As a contract customer, your invoices will include discounts on parts and labor of up to 25% off our standard pricing. Additionally, unlike our competition, you will see NO MILEAGE CHARGES, NO TRIP CHARGES, and NO DIAGNOSTIC FEES on our invoices.

Our contract customers are also entitled to:

  • On-call emergency assistance and 24-hour service
  • 2-hour response to your call for service
  • Priority scheduling of service orders
  • Scheduled system maintenance visits and complete documentation of the units operation
  • Complete system operation evaluations
  • Free estimates for equipment replacement projects including design and engineering support

We are your single source HVAC solution, providing the best products and services available in the industry today. Our well trained, uniformed technicians have been providing prompt, courteous service to our contract customers since 1962.

We welcome any opportunity to add you and your company to the Service Unlimited family where we can demonstrate the many cost saving benefits of our service agreements.

Don't let unplanned costs, breakdowns, and wasted energy affect your business. Learn more about how we can meet your specific needs and receive a no-obligation system evaluation to maintain your HVAC systems by calling Ryan O'Hara, Technical Sales Associate, at 302.356.1264.