Building automation control systems help ensure facilities are using their HVAC systems efficiently, saving energy costs and even reducing wear and tear. Fundamentally, though, automated control systems put the power in your hands to, well, control your system.

Automated Climate Control

Everyone is familiar with the thermostat, the most basic HVAC control tool that is found in almost every home. While still relevant, modern control systems like those Service Unlimited can provide are web-connected, allowing you to control and monitor your system via any internet-enabled device like your computer or mobile phone. Want to adjust for your employees’ comfort on the fly? Maybe your building is going to be empty for a while and you’d like to cut energy usage.Or, you could be simply looking for ways to increase the life of your HVAC system. It’s only possible with advanced, versatile control systems.

Automated logic controls lie at the heart of any automated climate control system. Service Unlimited control systems, while offering unprecedented tools for facility managers and business owners to control their facility, also let your building effectively control itself. Take the thermostat comparison again: you set your preferred climate conditions for each area of your facility, and your HVAC system maintains it with little intervention. Depending on the complexity of your system, you can dictate fine details of how each area of your facility feels.

Flexible Control Systems

Flexible control system design begins from the ground up. While retrofit solutions are possible, a truly versatile suite of HVAC controls is built in from the very beginning. Because commercial and industrial facilities are far more complex than residential homes, their HVAC system will look almost entirely different as well. Generally, a homeowner wants each space in their home to be roughly the same temperature. 

This typically isn’t too much of a problem for a simple control system. However, keeping rooms in commercial and industrial facilities at the same temperature is a far greater task. When a facility manager tells a control system that all rooms should hold at 72 degrees, the control system will have to adjust countless components of the entire HVAC system. Just turning the furnace up isn’t going to cut it.

Energy Management with Controls

Greater control and flexibility is a massive benefit of HVAC control systems, but energy savings are easily the most quantifiable. The ability to fine-tune the climate conditions of your facility presents a rich opportunity to save money. If there are areas of your building where employees rarely go, why treat the climate the same way in that space?

Automated HVAC controls allow you to do all of this without lifting a finger. If your system was properly designed, controls allow your critical infrastructure to not work as hard as it might otherwise. Put another way, controls not only offer energy savings but also allow you to save on repair costs. The building control solutions offered through Service Unlimited allow you to monitor the status of your HVAC from a distance, meaning that if a problem arises, you’ll be prepared no matter where you are.

The First Step to a Smart Building

Smart buildings can do some amazing things, but it’s HVAC systems that make them habitable. Climate control systems that leverage automation and mobile technology for controls and monitoring are imperative for any smart facility. Complex HVAC systems found inside commercial and industrial facilities are better thought of as networks of various systems that all work together to create an environment inside a given facility. Smart HVAC controls allow these systems to work together to reduce costs and create a consistent internal climate.

Building automation companies or specialists in HVAC systems in general that provide automated control solutions should be one of the first places you turn when considering ways to save on your bottom line. Controls should be considered as a part of a holistic HVAC solution from the initial design phase, but that doesn’t mean HVAC expert engineers can outfit facilities with controls in a retrofit situation.

Service Unlimited’s end-to-end design/build HVAC solution includes control system automation that helps push HVAC concerns to the backburner. Of course, you can’t forget about preventative maintenance, but effective control solutions can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. Extend your equipment’s life, reduce energy costs, and improve employee comfort.