You know your business needs commercial HVAC equipment, but how will you find the right system for your commercial building? You’ll have to consider factors like size, as well as packaged versus split systems. This is a decision that will take a lot of careful consideration, but the right system for you is out there. You can take several steps to make sure you choose a heating and air conditioning system that fits your business’s and your building’s needs.

Size Matters

HVAC systems come in different sizes, and bigger isn’t always better. You should focus on selecting a heating and cooling system that produces the right amount of conditioned air for your building and the rooms within it. Choosing a system that’s too large will consume excess energy and create too much humidity in your building’s rooms, while choosing one that’s too small will prevent the system from heating and cooling your building effectively. If you’re replacing an older system, we recommend having the load calculations done to ensure that you determine the right size for your new HVAC installation.

Select a System Type

Along with size, you’ll have to consider which type of system you want. If you prioritize energy efficiency and saving space, you may prefer a packaged system, which keeps the cooling and heating systems in one unit. If you have more space available to store the system, a split system might be right for you, since it keeps the heating and cooling units separate. If your building has no ducts, you might consider a ductless HVAC system that heats and cools your building by dividing it into zones.
If your building is in a moderate climate, you may consider installing a heat pump. Heat pumps remove warm air from one space and send it to another, instead of generating the air with electricity. In the summer, a heat pump pulls heat from inside the building and sends it outside, where it’s warmer, and it does the reverse in the winter. Because it transfers air from one place to another instead of generating air, a heat pump is always more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems.
Research these systems further to determine which one best fits your business’s needs.

Partner With an HVAC Services Company

Look for an HVAC services contractor that can give you customized commercial HVAC installation and maintenance services as well as emergency services. By partnering with a commercial HVAC services company, you receive access to maintenance and repair services that will reduce your business’s energy costs, improve your system’s energy efficiency, and extend your equipment’s life expectancy. This means you’ll be able to fix and upgrade your system when small problems arise, rather than waiting for a major breakdown to occur.

HVAC Services You Can Trust

At Service Unlimited, we consider your business’s needs and work with you to make sure they’re being met. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients, so our technicians take steps to provide any additional commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation services they deem necessary when working on maintenance or repairs. If you’re interested in a new HVAC installation, or if you have any questions about our services, contact us today.