The most efficient heating systems and cooling systems have a particular focus on controlling the indoor environment to a fine degree, rather than old-school systems that simply pump air into a work or living space. In other words, climate control is a moving target. Over the years, we have gotten more precise with temperature and humidity controls, and the result has been healthier, more comfortable, and more consistent indoor environments.

Climate Control Heating Systems

When most people think of a climate control system, the first thing that comes to mind is the thermostat on their wall. Today, the thermostat is only one piece of the puzzle. Modern HVAC systems installed by SUI come equipped with a level of control that building owners could only dream of previously.

Depending on the scale and complexity of a given facility, our systems are capable of zoned heating and cooling, air quality monitoring, and more. The best part is that these systems can all be controlled remotely, are moderated through automation tools, and will create predictable energy bills year-round.

Increased Flexibility

Control systems make heating and air conditioning systems more flexible in two distinct ways. First, how you actually control the system and, second, what those controls allow you to do.

Modern HVAC units are essentially integrated components of an overall facility rather than a discrete system. While each and every unit isn’t necessarily being controlled independently, this Internet of Things-like setup enables greater access to each of the qualities that you care about, all from your mobile device.

This means that either onsite or offsite, a building manager can monitor and modify the internal conditions of a facility. If you’ve ever been on vacation and realized you left the heat or AC on, mobile controls eliminate all of the worry.

Predictable Utility Bills

The enhanced control and monitoring of control systems have the secondary benefit of eliminating the surprise every month when the utility bill comes around. Control systems allow you to optimize for different things like energy efficiency or consistent internal temperatures.

There are obvious trade-offs for how you set your system, but at least controls give you power that the “set it and forget it” thermostats of the past could not. Energy-efficient commercial heating was, in the past, almost a non-existent concept, at least in comparison to the control-enabled systems of today.

Cleaner, Healthier, More Comfortable Environments

Control and monitoring systems aren’t limited to controlling air temperature. Humidity is a major factor for productivity in the workplace and comfortable living at home. If you are waking up every morning with dry, cracked skin or if the office feels muggy, chances are that morale is going to take a hit.

Because humidity is primarily regulated by the HVAC system, controls can allow you to create an environment that is actually a reprieve from harsher conditions outside. For retail spaces especially, this can actually have a direct effect on your bottom line through sales. There is nothing quite like walking into a store on a humid summer day. And it’s often difficult to leave.

Automation Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of energy-efficient climate control is letting building managers take their hands off the wheel, as it were. Once a system has been calibrated correctly and is being properly maintained through a preventative maintenance agreement, automated control systems can take the reins.

Facility managers have better things to worry about than adjusting thermostats throughout a facility, and automation tools let a system work with them as opposed to against them.

From mobile connectivity to automated controls, the days of walking across the room to adjust the thermostat are long gone.

Service Unlimited – Climate Control Specialists

Whether multiple systems in an industrial facility need to be integrated to work seamlessly or a homeowner is looking to make temperature adjustments from his or her phone, Service Unlimited has it covered.

We’ve developed a reputation for reliable, comprehensive, turnkey HVAC services that few other contractors could hope to match. From initial design and engineering to final installation and ongoing preventative maintenance, our services ensure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently throughout the year. Give us a call today to see how you can take control of your heating and air in a way you never thought possible.

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