Most energy-efficient air conditioning units aren’t only excellent at saving energy costs. They also improve indoor air quality and generally make indoor spaces more comfortable. Sure, that may sound obvious. That’s the purpose of any AC unit, right? True, but it’s important to know that not all HVAC systems are created equal.

Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC

When HVAC units themselves are energy efficient, the entire system is bound to be more energy efficient. The key word there is “more.” In other words, more has to be done to create an HVAC system that could be described as energy efficient.

One of the most powerful tools building owners and facility managers can use is implementing a climate control system throughout the facility. This could prove more important than ever as we approach the summer months.

Unpredictable Circumstances

Businesses can be under strain during normal economic conditions. Managing budgets, energy spend, and infrastructure improvements to things like IT, HVAC, and other critical systems are always a concern.

However, these are not normal times, and businesses need to take even greater care to cut costs wherever they can. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, many workers are currently working from home while facilities sit unoccupied.

Of course, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to purchase and implement a climate control system throughout their facility in time for this pandemic to end (hopefully), but it’s worth understanding the benefits of climate control so that, in the future, your facility could take advantage of it whenever occupancy of your facility is in flux.

We’ll get to the financial benefits in a moment, but first it’s important to understand the practical side of climate control: what this tool actually does. Modern climate control systems allow facility managers to modulate factors like temperature and humidity both remotely and to fine detail. For example, say everyone is under a mandatory stay-at-home order, yet the AC is still blasting throughout your facility. That would be an incredible waste of money, but remote climate control solves the problem with a single press of a button.

As the current situation evolves and while others are sure to come up in the future, having control of your office HVAC system from afar is one bit of peace of mind in an uncertain situation.

More Predictable Billing

Climate control systems are equally about giving facility managers more control as they are about automating away concern for HVAC management in the first place. In other words, it is possible to offload the responsibility of managing temperature, even in specific regions or zones of a facility, to an automated system that does the work for you.

When your HVAC system is controlled in a scheduled, automated fashion, utility bills are bound to become more regular, more predictable, and friendlier to monthly and yearly budgeting.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Air conditioning systems have evolved significantly from the days of a simple thermostat on the wall. These can be thought of as the original, most basic control systems. Today, an HVAC control system can essentially become an Internet of Things (IoT) device that allows finer manipulation and remote control.

Climate control systems are one of the best tools building owners and facility managers can use to cut utility bill costs while improving indoor air quality.

Environmental Benefits of Energy-Efficient AC

Outside of the financial and psychological benefits of climate control solutions, climate control and energy-efficient HVAC units offer substantial environmental benefits as well.

The first and most obvious result of switching to an energy-efficient system is that you consume less energy from your utility provider, thus reducing your building’s carbon footprint. If you can save money while helping the air and the climate, why not?

Second, more efficient systems tend to last longer, meaning that fewer replacement systems are needed. Plus, environmentally harmful refrigerants can be contained within the system longer, preventing hazards to the ozone layer.

Where Service Unlimited Can Help

From retrofits to replacements and brand-new construction, Service Unlimited takes a comprehensive approach to your entire system. We’ll make sure to consider the specific needs of your facility before we design and install your system. In other words, if parts of your facility need to be precisely controlled (like in an internal data center) we can provide specific solutions for each area.

Contact us today to learn more about how a climate control system could save you money and improve your facility!