Thinking about getting a new heating and air conditioning system for your commercial building? If you are, the tips below will help you choose the right system for your building and the climate around it.

How To Choose a Heating and Cooling System

When you’re looking for new HVAC equipment for your commercial building, you need to make sure you choose a system that fits right. But what does that mean? Choosing the right system for your building means considering multiple factors, including the following:

Outdoor Climate

As you select a new heating and cooling system, you should consider the climate where your building is located. For instance, here in New Castle, DE, we have a moderate climate, with temperatures that range from the lower 30s in the winter to the mid-70s in the summer. If your building is in a mild and moderate climate, you can consider installing a heat pump, which transfers warm air from one place to another.

If your building is in a more extreme climate, you should consider traditional furnaces and air conditioners, which generate hot and cool air instead of just transferring it. If your climate includes harsh winters, you may consider installing a radiant heating system in the floor, which will release heat and allow it to rise naturally throughout the room.

Taking the outdoor climate into account will help you determine which kind of commercial heating and cooling system will work inside your building. It will help you balance what’s going on inside your building with what’s going on outside it.

Technology Upgrades

If you’re replacing an older system, you should think about integrating new technology into the new one. One major upgrade to consider is automated climate control, which includes automated thermostats, but can go far beyond that.

For instance, you can choose to make your climate controls accessible through mobile devices. You can also have your controls set up to govern specific rooms and areas, and you can integrate those controls into one location. These climate controls can raise or lower the temperature based on the number of occupants in a room, among other factors. That way, your building’s rooms won’t be heated or cooled excessively. If you take advantage of newer HVAC technologies, you can work energy efficiency into your building’s commercial HVAC system design.

Air Distribution

You should work with a professional HVAC technician to determine what kind of air distribution system your building needs. They can help you determine what kind of heating and cooling loads the system needs to carry to be able heat and cool your building properly. When your system distributes the right amount of air, it also produces good air quality. Being aware of how your system distributes air throughout your building will help you improve your energy management. It will also help you select an effective and efficient commercial HVAC system installation.

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Create Your System

Types of HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings

Now that we’ve covered the factors you need to consider when you choose a new HVAC system, let’s look at some of your system options. These HVAC systems include:

VRF System

A variable refrigerant flow (VRF system) is a traditional HVAC system with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit plus ductwork. The outdoor unit has one condenser and one compressor. These components send the refrigerant to the indoor unit. However, a VRF system also has control wires that change the amount of refrigerant sent to the indoor unit as necessary.

Split System

Like a VRF system, a split system uses an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. However, this type of system uses a heat pump or an indoor air conditioner as the indoor unit instead of a traditional HVAC system. Also, a split system is a ductless HVAC system.

There are two types of split systems: single-split systems and multi-split systems. Single-split systems have fewer components and heat smaller areas, so they work best for small commercial buildings. Multi-split systems have many more components, and they’re designed to split into multiple systems that heat different areas of one building. A multi-split system works best in a large commercial building.

HVAC Installation Services for Your Delaware Business

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