HVAC engineering encompasses a range of factors, from considerations regarding facility size to the design of complex systems tailored to specific buildings. Industrial and commercial HVAC design entails more than simply installing an AC unit, furnace, and ductwork. Read on to learn from leading HVAC design companies what you need to know regarding HVAC design and installation plans.

General HVAC System Design

Your HVAC system is just as critical to the habitability of your facility as your roof. Like any other critical infrastructure, the concept might be simple, but your unique system is likely more complex than you realize. In a small building with basic needs, such as a home or small office, you may only require an AC, a furnace, and some ductwork to carry the air around your space. Largescale industrial facilities, on the other hand, may leverage complex building automation and control solutions, boilers, chillers, and other HVAC equipment. HVAC systems require attention to detail. Investing in leading HVAC design engineer services for your commercial HVAC system design today can save you thousands in savings later.

Heating and Cooling Control

At its core, your HVAC system exists to keep the environment inside your facility comfortable for tenants, employees, customers, and visitors. For this to work properly, your system should be sized correctly for your space. Too small, and your AC or heating units might be fighting a losing battle against nature, failing to keep your building at the right temperature. Furthermore, a system working too hard loses years of lifetime and could lead to expensive repairs.

While this may be the case, choosing an oversized system does not offer additional protection if your building does not require it. Units that are too large will be inefficient from frequent starts and stops. The temperature and humidity will be challenging to control.

HVAC Improves Air Quality

An effective HVAC system doesn’t just keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The internal air quality almost entirely depends on having the right system in place. From humidity to pollutants, your HVAC system can either make your facility unhealthy and uncomfortable or the exact opposite. To ensure your AC unit dehumidifies, it must be of appropriate size. Keep the outside world out of your air ducts by maintaining exterior equipment.

As for inside your facility, fitting the appropriately sized air filters is critical to reducing allergens and pollutants. Some threats come from inside your building itself. Air ducts will inevitably get dirty, spreading mold, dust, and contaminants throughout your facility. Consulting with HVAC design companies you trust to install and maintain your system offers the best results for air quality.

HVAC Energy Efficiency

The size of your system is critical here, but also its calibration. The same HVAC system design might perform differently in two different, even similar, spaces. Your HVAC design team at Service Unlimited, Inc. expertly calibrates your system to ensure you save money on your utility bill.

HVAC systems involve a complex design process and expertise to ensure energy efficiency and unit consistency before repairs are necessary. Choose an experienced team that can protect your investment.

HVAC System Installation

Site inspection and assessment, system design—including the location of compressor units and heat exchangers, controls, zoning, and more—and installation are best when performed by a team that deeply understands the equipment and the facility receiving installation. HVAC is not plug-and-play, and whether you are investing in an entirely new HVAC system or are retrofitting your existing equipment for modern energy efficiency, proper installation can mean the difference between a long-lasting system and one that fails prematurely.

Trust HVAC Design and Installation Professionals for Expert Maintenance

People tend to forget about their HVAC system or at least let it sit in the back corner of their minds. When an HVAC system functions well, humidity sits at moderate levels, building air quality improves, and owners save money with only modest utility costs. In the case an issue arises, HVAC comes right to the forefront. An AC outage in the middle of summer qualifies as an emergency.

These emergencies do not have to be the case! Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your system affordable, energy-efficient, and free of unnecessary repairs. Service Unlimited, Inc. offers custom preventative maintenance plans that extend the life of your system and ensure disasters like the one mentioned above are a thing of the past. Our HVAC design engineers can detect problems before they balloon into expensive repair jobs or catastrophic failures. Whether you want to check up on your system or are looking for a complete replacement, contact the leader among the best HVAC companies in Delaware!