When most people think of climate control, their main concern is with internal air temperatures. This isn’t wrong, but modern climate control and building automation systems can work to improve efficiency, cut costs, and improve internal building conditions.

HVAC Climate Control Solutions

A climate control system could be as simple as a single thermostat inside a home or as complex as a full-fledged building automation system in a large commercial or industrial facility. Fundamentally though, any climate control solution takes into account two factors: energy efficiency and indoor air quality. 

Both of these variables affect, in different ways, costs and business outcomes. For instance, a facility with an inefficient HVAC system that is wasting money every month through the utility bill and is also not creating a comfortable environment for employees and visitors is likely to be a major drain on the business. Conversely, climate control could be tuned perfectly in a facility, leading to greater employee productivity while cutting energy costs every month.

Energy Efficiency

To maintain energy efficiency throughout a system’s lifespan, it is important that every component of an HVAC system is considered from initial design, through installation to ongoing maintenance. However, even with a well-designed and maintained system, efficient use of your energy isn’t guaranteed.

This is where climate control comes in. If your building automation systems aren’t configured correctly, you may be wasting energy and overworking your equipment. Maybe there is an area of your facility where people are rarely visiting or one that is regularly opened to the outside, like a loading dock. Large amounts of energy being used to heat an active loading dock in the winter are going to be a major drain on your bottom line, especially when that energy could be better spent elsewhere in the facility. In other words, an effective and efficient climate control solution isn’t going to treat every region of your facility the same way.

Outside of your energy bill every month, you could even see the lifespan of your system diminished or repair costs skyrocket. Anywhere your system is forced to work harder than it needs to will put a strain on the system as a whole. This isn’t to say that you should neglect regions of your facility and create uncomfortable working environments just to extend the life of your system, but there is a balance that can be struck.

Indoor Air Quality

A productive workplace can only stay that way if the temperature, humidity, and purity of the air inside are suitable for people to work. We are reminded constantly, and for good reasons, about the risks of outdoor pollution, extreme temperatures, and more that affect the outside world.

However, we spend most of our time living and working inside, so it is equally important to ensure that indoor air quality is held to the highest standards. When most people think about the climate in, for example, an office, their minds jump straight to ambient temperature. Of course, this is important, but an effective climate control solution will also be able to maintain comfortable and healthy levels of humidity: usually between 40% and 60%.

Climate control is an important function of any HVAC system. Professionals, like those at Service Unlimited, can ensure that your HVAC system is maintaining an ideal climate while remaining efficient.

Building Automation Systems

Modern HVAC design and engineering involves more than just choosing the right size equipment for a given facility, designing and installing systems of ductwork, and installing thermostats. Building automation systems allow for the intelligent use of your HVAC equipment based on time, preferences, external conditions, and more. 

In previous eras, you might simply turn your HVAC system on or off. Today, building automation systems are constantly measuring factors like temperature and humidity to optimize efficiency and internal air quality all on their own.

Climate Control Air Conditioning and Heating

A commercial HVAC provider is really, when you think about it, a climate control service provider. Climate control is essential to creating a productive working environment for your employees and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and customers. These factors, along with energy efficiency inherent in a well-designed system, will be directly reflected in your costs and even prospects for growth.

Contact the professionals at Service Unlimited today to see how your HVAC systems could be made more efficient while improving the air quality of your facility.