HVAC preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive and potentially catastrophic HVAC failures. If your system goes down in the middle of a hot summer day, it wouldn’t be a major surprise if you had kept up with preventative maintenance.

Prevent HVAC Issues

Furnace breakdown or AC leaking refrigerant are just two potential problems that can be avoided with a scheduled preventative maintenance plan. Over time, all of your equipment is subject to wear and tear—your system isn’t going to last forever. However, you can put off an expensive replacement project by working with your provider to regularly inspect and maintain your systems. In fact, preventative maintenance is often required to keep warranties on your equipment active. When it comes to HVAC emergency prevention, preventative maintenance is your first line of defense.

Identify Problem Areas

The first—and arguably most important—part of getting your system inspected as part of a preventative maintenance program is to identify issues that are in immediate need of repair. Oftentimes, people put off inspections like this because they are afraid of what a technician might find and prefer to keep such things in the back of their mind. Unfortunately, problems under the surface always come to a head and will likely be cheaper to fix now rather than when they balloon into major issues.

There might be a simple problem with a component of your AC, furnace, or another piece of HVAC equipment. If you don’t bear the modest expense now to get everything into tip-top shape, you will almost certainly pay for it later. While this phase of the process might seem like a risk, once it is over and done with (so long as you continue with a recommended preventative maintenance schedule) you are virtually guaranteed to save on repair costs in the long run.

In general, inspections allow you to better plan for the future and forecast expenditures. Save yourself the headache—don’t let your HVAC system rest at the back of your mind.

Diagnose Issues Quickly

Over the course of your equipment’s life, HVAC issues are inevitable. However, a trained professional (like those at Service Unlimited) will be able to diagnose and fix small issues before you even notice them affecting your facility. Not only will this save you from repair costs in the future, but your system will operate with greater efficiency.

An efficient system not only keeps you, your staff, visitors, and customers comfortable, but it also saves you on your utility bill. Doing nothing about an inefficient system is not much different than throwing money into the dumpster. In fact, it’s even worse than that, because unless you get your system inspected and maintained regularly, you might not even realize how much money is being thrown away. As part of a preventative maintenance plan created by your HVAC provider, you should ask for an estimate of the savings you should expect over time.
Hook: Even simple adjustments can make a big difference for your HVAC system. Consider adjusting your thermostat’s schedule in accordance with your provider’s recommendations to improve the efficiency of your system. When your thermostat is operating on a regular schedule, your system will automatically operate at the proper levels.

Clean Ductwork

Having your ductwork cleaned on a regular basis is one of the best ways to maintain good indoor air quality and helps improve the comfort and health of everyone inside—not to mention the performance improvements your system can achieve with clean ducts. We typically think of pollutants as being a problem outdoors, but that air has to come from somewhere, and keeping clean air filters and ducts is what keeps the outside world out. Your ducts can help distribute mold, mildew, allergens, and other contaminants throughout your facility. At best, this can cause your facility to take on a musty smell. At worst, people inside are at risk of being sick or having allergic reactions.

Preventative Maintenance With Commercial HVAC Professionals

There really aren’t any downsides to initiating a preventative maintenance plan with your HVAC provider. Your HVAC system has probably been sitting in the back of your mind and, with preventative maintenance plans in place, it can probably stay there! If your system is being regularly inspected and maintained, your risk of needing a major HVAC emergency repair is significantly lower. Connect with Service Unlimited today and we’ll make sure to maximize the life efficiency of your system.