4 Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial HVAC

Ensure You Get The Most Out of Your HVAC System

Every commercial HVAC system comes with a limited lifespan. Older equipment exerts a lot of energy and also requires much more maintenance. You could opt to keep your HVAC system on life support, but that can be an exhausting way to prolong some of the mechanical issues you might already be facing. If you’re tired of dealing with the mess, you may need to partner with an experienced commercial HVAC Delaware team to find the next best solution.

Fortunately, a few extra steps can help make the decision easier.

Weigh Your Options

Your first order of business is to choose the best heating and air conditioning setup. Not all heating and cooling systems are the same because commercial HVAC Delaware equipment is available in different shapes and sizes. Before you schedule an installation, perform diligent research to see what capabilities each system has to offer. This measure will help you determine which solution makes the most sense for your building.

The Three Best HVAC System Options:

  • Packaged Units: This is the ultimate space-saving solution. A single cabinet is programmed to provide a consistent flow of cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. These central air systems also come with powerful dehumidifying capabilities.
  • Heat Pumps: This is your best option for heat compression. Instead of forcing air into the building, the heat boiler condenses water into a safe, comfortable gas. Heat pumps provide exceptional heating and cooling efficiencies in any venue.
  • Ductless HVAC: If your goal is to improve energy efficiency, ductless air might be your best option. Ductless HVAC systems heat and cool different zones of the property while reducing energy usage in the air handling equipment.

Select the Appropriate HVAC Unit Size

Remember that bigger is not always better when choosing a commercial HVAC Delaware system. Oversized units consume massive amounts of energy, which may cause your utility bills to skyrocket. On the other hand, choosing equipment too small will hinder your system’s ability to cool effectively. Schedule an appointment with an experienced HVAC contractor, such as Service Unlimited, Inc., to find a solution that aligns with the size and design of your building.

Reinforce HVAC Equipment to Withstand Outdoor Climates

When choosing HVAC equipment, you must select a system that can keep up with any extreme climate. Buildings need to maintain a steady level of efficiency. To ensure they can do this, you’ll need to keep the temperature at a level that can cope with the weather outside. Partner with an HVAC provider that designs custom HVAC climate control solutions to help maintain a comfortable indoor climate that combats outdoor temperatures.

Claim ENERGY STAR® Support

ENERGY STAR is an energy-efficiency assistance program available through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Its HVAC solutions offer industry-leading energy performance. If your commercial HVAC Delaware provider is steering you away from ENERGY STAR products, you may need to continue shopping until you find a partner that leads you down the right path.

Service Unlimited, Inc. Offers HVAC Support at the Highest Level

Our team is more than just experts in HVAC engineering services. We are problem solvers committed to helping you get the most from your heating and cooling setup for as little as possible. The Service Unlimited, Inc. team offers only the highest quality products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our professionals design authentic solutions to help you maintain the perfect indoor air quality for years.

Call us at 302-326-2665 to learn how our world-class solutions can help your property!

The 6 Most Critical Components of your HVAC System

Knowing the ins and outs of your HVAC Delaware equipment can help you prevent expensive breakdowns and unwanted repairs.

Fixing a mechanical issue is not easy, especially when you don’t know how the equipment works. When it comes to HVAC maintenance Delaware, however, it’s important to understand the role each piece of equipment plays. Air conditioning (AC) and heating systems are engineered with several moving parts. The experts at Service Unlimited, Inc, are here to show you the purpose each one serves.

The Most Important Parts of Your Heating & Cooling System

When it comes to HVAC equipment, some parts are especially important. If you take the time to really examine your heating and cooling system, you’ll notice six particular components:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Blower Motors
  • Combustion Chambers
  • Condenser Systems
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Thermostat

These mechanical parts are more than just pieces of equipment; they are essential to greater indoor comfort, safer air quality, more cost savings, and long-term peace of mind. Here’s what you need to know about each element.

Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger houses the furnace of your HVAC Delaware system. It not only absorbs heat from the outside, but it also masks cold indoor environments with warm temperatures. Every furnace is equipped with a heat exchanger, and it must be protected with layers of stainless steel and temperature-resistant alloys. Damage to your heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide leaks, which can be poisonous and even fatal. In fact, each year 420 Americans die due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to have this piece of equipment professionally inspected at least once a year.

Blower Motors 

Once the heat exchanger presents the right temperature, the blower motor activates. Blower motors move warm air through the duct system before it enters the air handling vents. This sets up warm air to be appropriately distributed throughout each room. Blower motors do not produce any mechanical sounds, despite running at high speeds. They do, however, help keep humidity at an appropriate level.

Combustion Chambers

The combustion chamber is the most important part of your furnace, so it’s vital to make sure you have an HVAC maintenance Delaware team in mind if it isn’t performing as it should be. Its purpose is to trap an appropriate amount of heat in the furnace. Combustion chambers work like a science experiment in which a mixture of air and other gases are combined, resulting in the beginning of the heating cycle. This component also captures carbon monoxide and compresses it into a safe, natural gas, allowing you to get every bit of energy from each fuel source.

Condensing System (Compressor)

HVAC Delaware condenser coils can be found in all air conditioning and heat pump systems. Their purpose is to cool the building by releasing heat into the outdoor air. This occurs when a refrigerant is compressed into a cool gas that is released in the fan blower. Inspect your condenser on a regular basis and make sure it is free of any leaves, grass clippings, dirt, or other debris. Additionally, you’ll want to protect it by letting the unit rest in the shade. This helps mitigate the risk of overheating.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are essential elements in any air conditioning system or heat pump. Commonly referred to by HVAC companies in Delaware as the evaporator core, these coils help absorb heat the refrigerant generates. They are often located inside the air handler right below the blower fan. And while this mechanical part helps your AC system lower the building temperature, it also helps bring heat indoors when the temperature starts to drop. Be sure to perform maintenance on your evaporator core at least twice a year to prevent condensation. Otherwise, it may start to breed mold and cause significant damage to the rest of your HVAC system.


Thermostats are usually centrally located in your home or office building. These temperature sensors are connected directly to your HVAC Delaware system through a special set of wires. Some heating and cooling systems are equipped with multiple thermostats for different zones of the building. For maximum energy efficiency, it would be in your best interest to invest in a programmable thermostat. With this solution, building owners and facility managers can easily control different temperatures and humidity levels straight from their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Get the Most out of Your HVAC Equipment

Service Unlimited, Inc is here to help keep your HVAC Delaware system performing at its best. Our team of problem solvers delivers peace-of-mind solutions to help save you money and conserve energy. We’ll help you install, repair, and maintain any heating and air conditioning system, no matter what type of unit you have. Book your appointment today so you can start taking advantage of any of our best-in-class solutions!

Getting Your Commercial HVAC System to Work in Large Buildings

The majority of a commercial building’s energy costs go toward operating its HVAC systems. However, you can reduce your energy costs and improve your system’s energy efficiency in many ways. One way to make these changes is by implementing an HVAC preventive maintenance program.

How Does a Preventive Maintenance Program Work?

To implement this kind of maintenance program, your business should partner with a commercial HVAC services company that will oversee your heating and cooling systems. You will have to sign an agreement that outlines the terms of the HVAC company’s services. The agreement should be tailored to fit your business’s needs, not a cookie-cutter list of services the company offers all its customers. It should also outline the company’s commercial HVAC preventive maintenance services as well as its emergency services. Read the fine print and look over everything in the agreement before you sign it.

In terms of a maintenance schedule, the company’s HVAC technicians should make routine maintenance visits at least twice a year. You can negotiate with your service partner for four or more annual visits when you draw up the agreement, if that’s what your system needs to be properly maintained. 

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?

During a visit, the technician inspects your HVAC system and fixes any problems they find so larger breakdowns don’t occur in the future. This often involves changing the air filters, brushing the coils clean, checking the belts and fans, and inspecting electrical components. Of course, the specifics vary depending on whether you have a packaged system or a split system, traditional HVAC or a heat pump, or a chiller with a water tower and a boiler. What should not vary is the care and attention the technician gives your system.

What Are Some Examples of Preventive Maintenance Program Offerings?

At Service Unlimited, we offer the following services to our preventive maintenance agreement customers:

  • Up to 25% off our standard pricing on parts and labor
  • On-call emergency assistance and 24-hour service
  • Two-hour response to your call for service
  • Priority scheduling of service orders
  • Scheduled system maintenance visits and complete documentation of the unit’s operation
  • Comprehensive system operation evaluations
  • Free estimates for equipment replacement projects, including design and engineering support

When you enter into a preventive maintenance agreement with an HVAC services company, it should be able to offer you priority services so your commercial heating and air conditioning system will keep operating well.

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance?

Having preventative maintenance performed on your system provides many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Prolonged HVAC system lifespans
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved system capacity
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved air quality and a safe and healthy work environment
  • Reduced energy costs

HVAC Maintenance With Dedication

At Service Unlimited, we maintain your HVAC equipment with prompt, courteous service. If we see a problem during one of our inspections, we will go out of our way to fix it so your system won’t need more extensive repair services in the future. If you would like to become one of our service agreement customers or if you have any questions about our preventive maintenance and HVAC repair services, contact us today.