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How To Optimize Your Commercial HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a substantial investment. It heats and cools your building to keep your staff comfortable and your inventory in good condition. Commercial HVAC services in Delaware also play a significant role in maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of healthy IAQ in the workplace, and keeping the air clean reduces the risk of your employees getting sick. Read more about the signs of bad air quality and tips for improving your business’s IAQ from our commercial indoor air quality professionals.

Signs of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Signs of bad air quality at your business are hard to spot. However, some indicators suggest it’s time for an air quality test. Here are some common signs of bad air quality.

Frequent Coughing

Random coughing is a critical sign of poor IAQ. A lack of proper ventilation leads to excess dust, dander, and other air particles. Breathing in these contaminants can cause frequent coughing fits and other respiratory problems.

Sneezing or Allergies

Sneezing and other allergic reactions are common for people who experience seasonal allergies. However, employees without allergies developing symptoms indicate that your building’s IAQ is poor.

Dry Skin

Increased employee complaints about dry or irritated skin are a warning that your building requires commercial HVAC services in Delaware. Bacteria and other contaminants on the skin cause rashes, redness, and other conditions that block the natural flow of nutrients.


Pesticides and cleaning products contain headache-causing contaminants without proper building ventilation. Frequent headaches impact employee productivity, and prolonged exposure can lead to severe symptoms, including dizziness and nausea.

Excessive Dust Buildup

While most buildings have some dust, high dust levels signify low air quality. Dust mites reduce the moisture in the air and trigger allergies, asthma, and other serious health problems.

Hot and Cold Temperature Spots

Have you ever walked around your building and noticed significant temperature fluctuations? These fluctuations are a sign of poor indoor air circulation or that your system isn’t suited for your facility—both of which impact IAQ.

Best Practices for Optimal HVAC System Performance

HVAC contractors in Delaware can help guide businesses to better air quality and HVAC system performance. Here how you can optimize your HVAC system and extend its lifespan.

Install a Properly Sized System

Choosing HVAC equipment sized for your building and facilities is critical. If your system is too small, it won’t heat or cool your building adequately and wastes energy by running constantly. A system too large for a building leads to increased energy bills since it frequently starts and stops. This extra wear and tear shortens your system’s lifespan and requires high replacement costs.

Design Your HVAC System Carefully

Before installing your system, consult a commercial indoor air quality expert to verify that the system’s design meets your IAQ needs and protects the health of your staff and customers.

Have a Preventive Maintenance Program

Taking advantage of a preventive maintenance program is the best way to ensure you provide healthy IAQ for your employees. Regular inspections and check-up visits allow you to fix minor problems before they become costly investments. Ensure replacing your air filters is part of your maintenance program; this helps consistently catch dust and other contaminants and keeps your building’s air clean.

Are you ready to start improving your building’s IAQ? Contact Service Unlimited today and learn more about our air quality services.

Service Unlimited, Inc. Indoor Air Quality Services

Partnering with an experienced HVAC system provider is one of the best ways to improve air quality. The technicians at Service Unlimited, Inc. understand the current need for healthy IAQ and offer a wide range of commercial HVAC services in Delaware that keep your employees and customers safe. We offer routine maintenance, including switching out air filters and providing customized ductwork design services to ensure cleaner air circulates throughout your facility.

iWave Air Purifier

Our iWave Air Purifier boosts IAQ by removing odors, dust, and other contaminants. It features patented needlepoint bipolar ionization technology that injects ions into the airstream and turns harmful pollutants into harmless compounds. Our iWave effectively removes bacteria and viruses from the air and leaves your building with a clean and healthy environment.

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Service Unlimited, Inc.

Since 1962, Service Unlimited, Inc. has provided leading HVAC design and engineering solutions. It’s our mission to deliver high-quality, professional service to our clients. Working with our team means that your system remains efficient. Our technicians are trained in every aspect of HVAC maintenance and have experience working with modern and antique systems. Contact us today to learn more about superior commercial HVAC services in Delaware.