The benefits of a scheduled preventative maintenance plan are undeniable. Beyond the improved energy efficiency of an HVAC system and reduced long-term repair costs, a planned maintenance agreement means your HVAC is one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Schedule

Developing a preventative commercial HVAC maintenance schedule does not have to be a headache. When working with the expert HVAC providers at Service Unlimited, Inc., the process can be simple and is guaranteed to provide some peace of mind. Running a business comes with countless top-of-mind concerns. HVAC systems shouldn’t be one of them. Let’s dive into some of the benefits.

Reduced Energy Costs

An obvious benefit of a scheduled maintenance agreement is lower monthly utility bill costs. Mitigated risk and repairs show up later, but energy efficiency shows up on the bill month after month. Those savings can flow back into the business or provide a cushion for tough times (like what everyone is going through right now).

Fewer Long-Term Repair Costs

Repairs are just necessary. Eventually, all equipment is bound to fail in one form or another, so budgeting for repairs is essential. However, a preventative commercial HVAC maintenance plan adds some predictability into the equation, allowing for easier budgeting and fewer unexpected costs. One of the problems here is that the gains are more like mitigated losses, meaning they are difficult to see at face value. However, a birds-eye view of operation costs over the years will reveal the high savings on HVAC repairs.

Longer Overall HVAC System Life

If the life of an HVAC system could extend one, two, or even five years into the future, would there be a downside? Sure, preventative maintenance isn’t free, but the answer is a definitive no. A full-scale system replacement is one of the most expensive projects any business could undergo. A preventative maintenance schedule would extend the overall system life, but there is more to it than that.

As elements of an HVAC system need replacement or repair, commercial HVAC maintenance in Delaware ensures this process can happen effectively. In other words, the AC unit might need replacement before the furnace, and a repair schedule prevents catastrophic failure where everything needs replacing at once.

Lower Risk of Emergency Downtime

Outside of repair or replacement costs, one of the most expensive problems a business can face is operational downtime. If it’s a 100-degree day in the middle of summer and the air conditioner shuts down, it’s unlikely that customers will stick around and shop. The productivity decrease for workers could be dramatic, along with higher potential health risks.

Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Though environmental health is not on every business owner’s mind, implementing an energy-efficient HVAC system is a solid first step. A regular maintenance schedule is proven to maintain the efficiency of a system. Put another way, preventative maintenance lets owners promote sustainability without adding disruption to their operations.

Preventative Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Scheduled HVAC maintenance is a good idea for all types of HVAC systems—residential and commercial—but because commercial and industrial facilities use much more energy, they have little choice.

While business owners could ignore commercial HVAC maintenance altogether, this can lead to future financial problems and productivity issues. In many cases, the barrier is not cost but the hassle of having one more thing to worry about.

Luckily, a preventative maintenance agreement from Service Unlimited, Inc. eliminates any cause for concern. We take a customizable approach to each of our client’s projects, taking the time to get to know the needs of facilities and creating a personalized maintenance schedule.

Preventative maintenance agreements will lower business costs. It’s as simple as that. Contact us to learn more.

Service Unlimited, Inc. Expert Commercial HVAC Maintenance

At Service Unlimited, Inc., our number one priority is customer satisfaction. That starts before the project even begins. We offer an experienced team, a trusted network of equipment distributors, and have our own in-house sheet metal fabrication shop. We have everything needed to ensure that every project we take on is as seamless as possible to minimize disruption. Reach out today to kickstart your new commercial HVAC maintenance schedule.