The phrase “indoor air quality” often comes across to people as somewhat illusory or academic. Sure, we want our air to be “high quality,” but what exactly does that mean? The answer is straightforward: it means health, safety, productivity, and peace of mind. The benefits to having systems that produce and maintain high indoor air quality truly can’t be overstated.

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems

The question is: what steps can someone take to ensure their system is improving the quality of the air? Well, everything starts with the right system in the first place. None of the solutions listed below will be entirely effective if the initial design, procurement, and installation wasn’t handled correctly.

Service Unlimited takes a consultative approach to fully understand your facility and your needs. By building a system that is right-sized for your space and installing appropriate equipment, you will be on the right footing going forward.

Preventative Maintenance

If your system is working correctly, the best way to keep it that way is by starting up a preventative maintenance agreement. Here’s how it works: instead of waiting for your system to fail, calling in for repairs, and then shelling out wads of cash, a preventative maintenance agreement ensures that issues are caught before they balloon into larger problems.

By having your system inspected, tuned, and maintained on a regular basis, you will achieve a level of consistency that simply can’t be matched by ignoring your HVAC and hoping nothing goes wrong.

Reality check: mechanical systems break. When parts begin to wear and break down, your system loses efficiency. When that happens, its ability to properly control factors like temperature and humidity goes out the window.

UV Purification and Ionic Bipolarization

What may have sounded like science fiction only a few years ago is now one of the best ways to ensure your air is safe and healthy. Air purification systems, powered by UV light, are now a proven way to reduce the amount of virus and bacteria in the air.

Another technology, ionic bipolarization, has actually been around for several decades. However, many have never heard of it. This method of air purification produces charged air molecules that stick to and deactivate harmful particles in the air, like pathogens.

Particularly useful in schools, churches, and medical offices where people tend to congregate, this technology can be part of an effective solution to reopen public spaces.

Air Filter Changes

Everyone knows that changing out air filters is important, but are you aware that air filter technology has actually evolved to the point where they’re doing more than simply catching dust and allergens?

MERV-13 air filters actually catch 90% of small particulates in the air. In combination with the technologies and practices listed above, it can keep people safe.

The Importance of HVAC Indoor Air Quality

Safety – During the age of COVID-19, the number one topic on everyone’s mind—and what should be a priority for any building owner—is the health and well-being of people inside their facility. Indoor air can be far more polluted than outdoor air, and poor quality has been known to cause major health problems. Add in a deadly and highly-contagious virus into the mix and indoor air quality needs to be a top-of-mind concern.

Productivity – From employees getting sick at work to the deleterious cognitive effects of high carbon dioxide levels, poor indoor air quality can correlate directly with a less productive workforce. 

Peace of Mind – No one wants to go about their daily life in fear. Whether a worker can’t focus on their job or a consumer chooses to stay home instead of heading out to the restaurant or the strip mall, peace of mind has trickle down effects for our entire society.

Retrofit Your HVAC System

Each of the steps outlined above are powerful ways to ensure the air inside your facility is clean. However, what if your system wasn’t designed or installed correctly in the first place?

You don’t need to embark on a hugely expensive replacement project. Service Unlimited has extensive expertise with HVAC retrofitting. Retrofitting your system will save you money through energy-efficiency and will, of course, improve the quality of your air.

Schedule your consultation below and let’s find a way to improve the health of your employees, tenants, visitors, and anyone inside your building.