Service Unlimited has been exclusively providing commercial HVAC services since 1962. Some might think, “Wouldn’t it be better to offer HVAC expertise for all sectors, including residential?” Sure, some companies take this approach, but we’re committed to providing the very best commercial services possible and have made that our sole focus.

Businesses’ Premier Choice in HVAC

Service Unlimited has been commercial for nearly 60 years. Commercial HVAC is who we were, who we are today, and who we plan to be for the foreseeable future, period. In other words, our partners, from small retail spaces to large industrial facilities, can always rely on us to be on top of the latest developments in the commercial HVAC industry.

A Family-First Operation

Over the decades, Service Unlimited has grown to employ 43 technicians, project managers, and more. This stage is where many companies seem to divert from their mom-and-pop roots and focus instead on things like the bottom line, manufacturer relationships, and so on.Fconsultative

We’re committed to the idea that there doesn’t have to be a tradeoff here. We still operate as a mom-and-pop shop by emphasizing a customized, personal experience for our clients. Our consultative approach with new customers means we are coming out to assess every detail of your facility, your needs, and your concerns. Once our customers have been with us for some time, they always feel comfortable giving us a call with any questions they may have.

Fostering this friendly relationship extends to both our customers and our employees. With an extremely low turnover rate (the average tenure of our employees is eight years) we are able to build trust. In fact, many of our employees have been with us for over 10 years, over 20 years, and even over 30 years.

We’ve Mastered the Old and Are Always Preparing for the New

Because of our rich history in the field, we’re one of the few HVAC contractors out there that can still work with older machinery. Many of our customers have older equipment and lack much room in their budget for full-scale replacements. We can keep your old systems running efficiently for as long as possible.

We aren’t limited by our experience with old machines, though. Our teams are constantly training on the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure we can properly service HVAC systems of all kinds well into the future.

Whether you are comfortable with your existing equipment or are planning an upgrade, Service Unlimited can provide the perfect HVAC solution.

Our Highly Trained Professional Team

100% of our technicians are NATE- or RSES-certified in a trade specialty—gas, heating, air conditioning, heat pumps, and so on. We’re able to provide complete HVAC service without outsourcing to another contractor.

Aside from the overall systems, our technicians also go through manufacturer- and product-based training to ensure they fully understand each and every piece of equipment they are working with.

Our technicians are recruited when they’re just starting out and are required to go through the State of Delaware’s apprenticeship program, leading to their journeyman certification. Combined with training from our upper-level, seasoned technicians, our entire team goes through some of the most comprehensive training in the industry.

Our Core Values

By combining intense training and a customer-centric approach with our four core values—Quality, Trust, Knowledge, and Integrity—Service Unlimited is able to offer truly unparalleled HVAC solutions.

We are committed to always doing the right thing for our customers and our employees, providing the most educated recommendations possible, and, in general, always doing the best work we can. Put simply, your interests are our interests. Our view is that there is no other way to promote long-lasting relationships—never just transactions.