Emergency HVAC issues that need maintenance cause numerous problems for your business. Over time, emergency heating system repairs can cost the same as upgrading with a commercial heater replacement. Don’t get caught in the cold needing frequent commercial heating maintenance.

Emergency Heating System Repairs Are Not a Long-Term Solution

Is your business experiencing a growing number of emergency HVAC issues that need maintenance? You shouldn’t use emergency heating repair as regular maintenance. Every time your system stops working, you lose money. You also have to take on the expenses of having HVAC technicians come out to diagnose and repair your equipment. 

The problems with continued emergency heating system repair go beyond the bottom line. Low indoor air quality harms your employees and customers. Uncomfortable and unhappy workers are less productive. Malfunctioning heating and cooling systems can even cause health issues.

Even equipment that is part of a comprehensive HVAC preventative maintenance plan will eventually fail. Emergency HVAC issues that need maintenance point to more significant problems. Rather than sinking money into emergency heating system repairs, compromising your workforce, or risking prolonged work stoppages, you may want to consider a commercial heater replacement.

The Benefits of Commercial Heater Replacement

Business owners face enough problems without having to worry about the heating and air conditioning at their buildings. If your equipment is old, inefficient, or faulty, a new commercial HVAC system can benefit you.

Installing a new commercial HVAC system reduces energy bills. Technology continues to improve and become more efficient. Equipment made 20 years ago can’t compare to a modern commercial HVAC system. Heightened efficiency also helps lower your carbon footprint.

A commercial heater replacement provides consistent conditions throughout your facility, ensuring no one is freezing cold or boiling hot. Improved air quality also keeps workers healthier and reduces sick days. Comfortable and healthy workers are more productive, which helps your business maximize profits and output.

New HVAC systems require far less commercial heating maintenance and reduce out-of-pocket repair costs. When partnered with an HVAC preventative maintenance plan, you will have peace of mind knowing significant emergency heating system repair expenses are a thing of the past.

If a complete commercial heater replacement isn’t in your budget but you want to improve your equipment, retrofitting provides many similar benefits as a replacement.

Service Unlimited, Inc. has been replacing, repairing, and maintaining commercial HVAC systems for nearly 60 years. Our knowledgeable team offers the best solutions for your HVAC problems. Reach out today to find out how we can help you.

Signs It’s Time for a Commercial Heater Replacement

Business operators should pay close attention to the condition of their HVAC equipment. If a system suddenly needs more frequent commercial heating maintenance, that’s a definite red flag. Beyond parts not working correctly, there are signs to pay attention to that indicate the need for a commercial heater replacement.

Rising energy bills are a sign of faltering equipment. As heating and cooling systems age, they become less efficient. The equipment has to work harder to make up for lagging parts. This results in higher energy costs and the need for HVAC repairs. Sometimes air may be escaping through faulty ductwork, which HVAC technicians can repair quickly. Have a knowledgeable service provider identify the causes of your increased bills. 

Unstable air conditions are another indicator of aging HVAC units. Temperatures and humidity shouldn’t swing from room to room. If professional commercial HVAC maintenance isn’t fixing the problem, you should consider a replacement. 

Grinding, clunking, and rattling noises from within your system are never a good sign. Strange noises indicate loose or broken parts. If unattended, broken equipment can cause a complete system failure. Commercial heating maintenance can identify the problem and its severity.

Sometimes the signs of a malfunctioning system are visible. If you can see excessive moisture on walls and windows or rusting appliances in your facility, something is wrong. 

It’s essential to consider the age of your heating and cooling system when experiencing problems. An unfortunate reality is that all HVAC systems will need replacing eventually—having a commercial heater replaced before it completely fails will save you money and downtime. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long.

Service Unlimited Designs and Installs Systems When You Need a Commercial Heater Replacement

If you need a commercial heater replacement, Service Unlimited is here to help. Our staff provides award-winning retrofit, design, building, and installation services. Our in-house engineers stick with you through every step of the process to ensure you get precisely what you want and need at your facility. Please reach out today for all of your commercial heating maintenance and installation needs.